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OEA Denounces Sanctions Measure as Unjust and Reckless

OEA Statement
December 23, 2009

OEA Denounces Sanctions Measure as Unjust and Reckless

The Organization of Eritrean Americans has denounced the sanctions resolution the UN Security Council approved today against Eritrea because it is both unjust and extremely reckless.

It is unjust because the charges on which the resolution is based are not only false but also proven unfounded time and time again. The allegations on which the charges were based—i.e. supplying weapons to Somali insurgents—are not even in the final resolution. So, in fact, this was a predetermined outcome no matter what the facts were on the ground. When it couldn’t find anything believable in Somalia, the UN Security Council threw in the so-called Djibouti-Eritrea conflict into the basket; however, this too was manufactured and stage-managed by the minority regime ruling Ethiopia with the hope of finding another way of achieving the goals it set for itself in the Eritrean-Ethiopian conflict in 1998 and escape its treaty obligations from implementing the final and binding demarcation decision of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission.

As was stated in previous OEA statements, the charges, which were manufactured, orchestrated and pushed by Eritrea’s traditional enemies, are rooted in a string of charges originally fabricated by the so-called U.N. Somalia Monitoring Group. Starting in 2006 when, in an attempt to provide cover for Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia, the group tried to frame the Somali crisis as an Eritrea-Ethiopia proxy war; and, as result, it conjured up 2000 phantom Eritrean troops in Somalia. Furthermore, as we stated in our previous statement, the plane that Eritrea was supposed to have used to transport weapons and fighters to Somalia turned out to be another fabrication; the plane was found crashed in Uganda while being used by DynCorp, a contractor for the US military and Intelligence service.

The bottom line is that the resolution is based on a series of lies that Eritrea’s traditional enemies, especially Ethiopia and its current paranoid minority regime leaders, have been pushing for reasons that have nothing to do with Somalia.

This resolution is also extremely reckless and it is bound to exacerbate the already tense relationship between the nations, leading to more conflicts in this war-ravaged region. As Americans of Eritrean descent, we have a vested interest in seeing peace, stability and security returned to the Horn region. However, scapegoating Eritrea is no way of getting there.

In the context of the Horn of Africa, a sanctions measure by the UN Security Council against Eritrea is recklessness of the highest order. In fact, it is tantamount to throwing a lighted match on a gasoline-doused flammable object.

The Organization of Eritrean American urges all peace loving peoples to denounce and fight to reverse this unjust and extremely reckless resolution. The war-ravaged Horn of Africa and its people deserve more from the United Nations, the organization whose reason for existence is the promotion of peace, than a resolution that is nothing less than a recipe for more wars.